Main Features

What can you do with GoLocator?

Stay Connected

Keep up your connection with a private chat

Check Location History

Location History feature enables you to see the GPS location points and movement of family members.

Send SOS Message

Should your beloved ones ever get lost, sending an SOS with an exact location takes just a touch of a single button.

Family And Safety First!

Track your child going to the school or for a school trip. Track your family and be sure they are safe.

User Friendly Design

What was crucial for us while designing GoLocator was to make it user-friendly.

Get Notified

Automatically get notified when your family or friends visit one of your favorite places.

Different Circles

Create different circles for your children, babysitters, colleagues and more.

Battery-Friendly Application

We have developed a battery-friendly application with optimized location services so that using less battery power, you could have a better experience than the ones offered by other applications.

Quick Updates

We continue improving GoLocator. Also, we have amazing ideas that we are still working on.

How Does GoLocator Work?

  • Create a circle with your beloved ones.
  • Choose who to invite to your circle.
  • Now everybody who has accepted your invitation is visible in your circle! It’s that easy!

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